BOOK PROJECT: "How to See Rome: Media, Technology, Tourism, and the View from the Capitoline Hill." From the 15th-18th centuries, perceptions of Rome, the cityscape, and its monuments were shaped by new mass media and tourism. These representations fabricated and standardized new ways of understanding and experiencing urban space from historical, scientific, aesthetic, and tourist perspectives.

"The Colosseum, whose very name suggests the monumentality of ancient artifacts, becomes an ashtray...."
from "Reproduction, Fragmentation, and Collection: Rome and the Origin of Souvenirs" in Architecture and Tourism: Perception, Performance and Place

SAINT JOHN'S COLLEGE: Mathematics & Natural Science Seminar PRINCETON: Italian Renaissance Painting & Scultpure | Renaissance and Baroque Architecture | Renaissance Technology and the Imaging of Nature CORNELL: Destination Rome: From Medieval Pilgrimage to 18th-Century Grand Tour Renaissance & Baroque | Modern Era | The Printed Image: The World on Paper | Art & Exploration, 1492-1750 UNC Rome: Pilgrimage & Tourism

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{2009} "Southeast Asian Grotesques: Wonder, Curiosity, and Horror in Perceptions of Southeast Asia," Association for Asian Studies {2008} "Venice on Mount Mehru: European Views of the City of Siam," panel on "The Early Modern City," Southeastern College Art Conference {2007} "European Wonders at the Court of Siam," looks at the encounter of Siamese and Europeans through the practice of collecting-- not only the acquisition of objects but of the ritualized reaction of wonder that was part of the European experience of the exotic. For the conference "Collecting Across Cultures in Early Modern Europe," USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute, San Marino, California "The Spectacle of Animals in Renaissance Science," panel on "Canines and Felines in Renaissance Art, History, and Literature," Renaissance Society of America {2005} "Observation, Illustration, and Visual Authority in the Scientific Revolution," for session on "Art, Science, and the Forging of Disciplines in Seventeenth-Century Italy," College Art Assocation

BLOG entry "A Sensational and Sentimental Rhino," for Oudry's Painted Menagerie, Getty Museum ... In the 1740s Clara the rhinoceros sailed from India into the Age of Reason ...