ARTH 245 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Fall 2004

A survey of major works of European painting, sculpture, and architecture from 1400-1750. In addition to painting and sculpture, this course will introduce other arts that were highly prized in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, such as manuscripts, tapestries, and prints. As a frame for interpreting these works, we will emphasize social, religious, and political contexts in which artists worked and on the role of the patron in the creative process. The course will also serve as an introduction to the art historical approaches through which we interpret these works today.

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Part I: Early Renaissance in Italy and the North
Part II: High Renaissance, Mannerism, and the Rise of Secular Art
Part III: Baroque Art, From Sun King to Dark Chamber

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...and it's this tiny Duccio Madonna and Child
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