ARTH 245 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Fall 2004


Final Review
>> Sample questions

Part I: Early Renaissance in Italy and the North
Part II: High Renaissance, Mannerism, and the Rise of Secular Painting
Part III: Baroque Art, from Sun King to Dark Chamber

In your answer place the work in a historical context and/or in the context of other related works. Use what you know to form an argument about the significance of the work.


1) How are these two buildings characteristic of the works of their architects and respective time periods? Consider function of the buildings and its relationship to form.


2) Both of these images define their sitters in relation to the objects that appear with them. Consider what objects appear, what they mean, and whether their function is the same in both paintings. How do the objects also suggest the events to which these paintings relate? How does the display of objects relate also to the status of the artist?